Compare and contrast DES and AES.
1 Answer
Comparison DES AES
Basic In DES the data block is divided into two halves In AES the entire data block is processed as a single matrix
Principle DES work on Feistal Cipher Structure AES works substitution & fermutation principle
Plain text Plaintext is of 64 bits Plaintext can be of 128, 192, 256 bits
Key size DES in comparison to AES has smaller key size AES has larger by size as compared to DES
Rounds 16 rounds 10 rounds for 128 bits, 12 rounds for 192 bits, 14 rounds for 256 bits
Rounds names Expansions fermutation Xor, S-box,P-box,Xor and Swap Subtypes, Shiftonce , Mix columns , Addroundkeys
Security DES has a smaller key which is less secure AES har larger secret key comparatively hence more secure.
Speed DES is slower AES is faster
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