Advantages and Disadvantages of SMPS
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1.The switch mode power supply is smaller in size compared to conventional DC supply.

2.It is light weight and compact.

3.Ripples in the output can be easily filtered out using small filter components, reducing the cost and size of filter circuit.

4.Size and cost of the transformer used is less.

5.It has a better power efficiency (typically 60 to 70 percent).

6.Less affected by electromagnetic interferences.

7.SMPS has wide output range.

8.Low heat generation in SMPS.

9.For the same power rating, SMPS is of smaller size, lighter in weight and possesses higher efficiency because of its high-frequency operation.

10.SMPS is less sensitive to input voltage variations.


1.SMPS has higher output ripple and its regulation is worse.

2.SMPS is a source of both electromagnetic and radio interference due to high frequency switching.

3.Control of radio frequency noise requires the use of filters on both input and output of SMPS.

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