Plasticity, Liquidity and Consistency Indexes

A soil has liquid limit of 25% and flow index of 12.5%. If the plastic limit is 50%, determine the plasticity index & toughness index. If water content of the soil in its natural condition in the field is 20%, find the liquidity index & relative consistency.

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Given Data:




$\text{Natural water content W=20%}$

$\text{P.I or }I_p=W_l-W_p$




$I_l=\frac{W-W_p}{I_p}\times 100$

$=\frac{0.20-0.15}{0.10}\times 100$


$I_c=\frac{W_l-W}{I_p}\times 100$

$=\frac{0.25-0.20}{0.10}\times 100$


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