Page: HDTV Features and Specification
Sr No. Particulars Value/Note
1 Resolution 1080 p or 720 p
2 Contrast 1,50,000 :1
3 Video Connection HDMI,Component Video,VGA
4 Auto Brightness Control Adjust Brightness automatically as per ambient light
5 Automatic volume leveling Equals volumes of TV Programs and Commercials
6 Internet Connectivity Connects TV to home network
7 3D Display Available
8 LED back lighting Reduces power consumption
9 Dynamic Back-lighting Improves contrast
10 Refresh Rate (LCD TV) 120 Hz, f =240Hz
11 Type of display LCD, Plsma or LED
12 Scanning Type Progressive (p) or interlaced (i)
13 Aspect Ratio 16:9
14 Number of Pixels 2.07 Megapixels per frame (p)
15 Sound Digital Dolby (AC-3)
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