Detailed estimate definition in construction management
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This is an estimate prepared in detail by referring all the drawings, specifications, DSR, design calculations etc.

Detailed estimate includes the quantities of all the items of work, rates of all the items per unit and the costs of all the items of work.

Detailed estimate is prepared in two parts.

  1. Measurement sheet

  2. Abstract sheet

Quantities of all the items of works are determined by referring the drwings and the respective dimensions and mentioned it in a seperate sheet called as measurement sheet.

Data required for the preparation of detailed estimate.

  1. Complete set of all the drawing

  2. Specifications

  3. DSR

  4. Design data and calculation

  5. Special requirements from the department side if any.

Other types of estimate.

1) Revised estimate: It is the detailed fresh estimate required to be prepared under following circumstances. (i) When original sanctioned estimate exceeds or likely to exceed by more than 5%

(ii) When the quantity of items are getting changed due to change in design.

A revised estimate should be submitted along with comparative abstract formed mentioning the variation in quantity, rates and the cost for certain items. Revised estimate should be submitted for getting fresh technical sanction.

2) Supplementary estimate: This is fresh detailed estimate in addition to the original sanctioned estimated need to be prepared when additional or extra works are to be included necessarily during the progress of work. This estimate is an attachment with the original detailed estimate.

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