Application Programming Interface (API)
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API stands for application programming interface. An API is a set of functions and procedures allowing the creation of applications that access the features or data of an operating system, application, or other service.

SolidWorks API:

SolidWorks is a 3D drawing software based on Windows platform. It changes the design mode of traditional two-dimensional drawing, and uses feature modeling and parametric drive to design and modify 3D solid model conveniently. The two-dimensional engineering model can be automatically generated by using 3D solid model, which can dynamically simulate the assembly process and interfere with the inspection. It can also do the finite element analysis and optimization design of the important parts.

Solidworks API is divided into two kinds, one is the OLE (object linking and embedding) Automation ID is based on patch technology, commonly used in Visual Basic and Delphi programming language interface, through the ID is patch 13 exposure to the object properties and methods, in order to use these attributes and call the methods it supports in the client, the technology can develop.EXE the form of the program. Through the development of Solidworks DLL API (SolidWorks dynamic link library) plug-in, the software can directly add in the SolidWorks system, realize the integration with SolidWorks.

Another way of development is based on COM (Component Object Model), mainly used in the VC++ (Visual C++) programming language. This technique allows you to use the most SolidWorks API (Application Programming Interface) functions.

Solidworks API offers a free, open and integrated development tools for the user, through OLE (object linking and embedding) technology provides functions for C, C++, Visual Basic, VBA calls a large number of users, all functions are methods about the object or attribute, ability these functions provide direct access to the SolidWorks programmer.

Solidworks API object model

The Solidworks object is the highest level object in the SolidWorks API object model, which can access all other objects in SolidWorks API directly or indirectly. Solidworks objects include ModelDoc, Environment, Frame, AttributeDef, Modeler, SWPropertySheet, and some other objects.

Material editing and Loading

Using the command of Macro Operations in Solidworks, program of material selection could be generated in Visual Basic Language. And properties of materials could be rewritten directly through the program.

After selecting the material, the stress analysis of the model is carried out, Firstly, the load of the different parts of the model is restrained after the freedom of the end face is restrained. Meshing and Analysis

In the choice of materials and loading after the needs of the model grid, then choose the size of the grid, to the small number of mesh complex (30~40mm), the simple model can be set up a relatively large number of grid (40~70mm). After the grid is divided, the analysis and calculation can be carried out.

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