Detailed Test Design and Test Specification
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The ultimate goal of test management is to get the test cases executed. Till now, test planning has not provided the test cases to be executed. Detailed test designing for each validation activity maps the requirements or features to the actual test cases to be executed. One way to map the features to their test cases is to analyse the following:

  • Requirement traceability
  • Design traceability
  • Code traceability

The analyses can be maintained in the form of a traceability matrix such that every requirement or feature is mapped to a function in the functional design. This function is then mapped to a module (internal design and code) in which the function is being implemented. This in turn is linked to the test case to be executed. This. matrix helps in ensuring that all requirements have been covered and tested. Priority can also be set in this table to prioritize the test cases.

Traceability matrix

Requirement/Feature FUnctional Design Internal Design/Code Test Cases
R1 F1,F4,F5 abc,cpp,abc.h T5,T8,T12,T14
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