Write a paragraph on an online class compared to a traditional face to face class
1 Answer

There are two types of classes - Traditional face-to-face class and Online class. If we compare both, the traditional classes are better than online classes in many ways. First, in the traditional classes, a personal attention can be given to the particular student whereas it is not possible in online classes because learner has to learn by himself/herself. Learning in a class with same age group is fun and interesting thing for the students. It is also helpful in memorizing which is possible only in a traditional class. Whereas there are no such types of interactive groups in online classes. This can lead to monotonousness. In online classes, computer or mobile may affect our eye sight but there is no such harm in traditional classes. In traditional classes, moral values are taught whereas in online classes, the importance is given only to curriculum. In traditional class, every doubt of a child can be cleared whereas it is not possible in online classes. Traditional classes can clear the concept of a child in a manner which he/she understands but for online classes, the content is fixed and cannot be changed according to the learners’ ability.

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