Cryptographic Security for Mobile Devices
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Cryptographially Generated Addresses (CGA) is Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv 6 ) that addresses up to 64 address bits that are generated by hashing owner's public-key address. The address the owner uses is the corresponding private key to assert address ownership and to sign messages sent from the address without a public-key infrastructure (PKI) or other security infrastructure. Deployment of PKI provides many benefits for users to secure their financial transactions initiated from mobile devices. CGA-based authentication can be used to protect IP-layer signaling protocols including neighbor discovery and mobility protocols. It can also be used for key exchange in opportunistic Internet Protocol Security (IPSec). Palms are one of the most common hand-held devices used in mobile computing, Cryptographic security controls are deployed on these devices. For example, the Cryptographic Provider Manager (CPM) in Palm OS5 is a system-wide suite of cryptographic services for securing data and resources on a palm-powered device. The CPM extends encryption services to any application written to take advantage of these capabilities, allowing the encryption of only selected data or of all data and resources on the device.

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