State the functions following ignition system components
1 Answer

(i) Ignition coil

(ii) Distributor


(iv)Spark plug

Functions following ignition system components:

(i) Ignition coil: Ignition coil receives voltage from primary circuit and convert it to very high voltage up to 28000 volts required for spark by means of primary and secondary winding.

(ii) Distributor: Distributor rotor rotates and supplies this high voltage current to proper stark plug depending upon the engine firing order.

(iii)Condenser The Function of the condenser is to reduce arcing at the contact breaker points. When the magnetic field is collapsing condenser gets fully charged and then it starts discharging and helps in building up of voltage in secondary winding.

(iv)Spark plug: In S.I engine at the end of compression stroke Charge of air and petrol is ignited by means of the spark produced by spark plug.

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