Select type of a muffler for a motorcycle engine with justification.
1 Answer

Type of a muffler for a motorcycle engine

  1. Baffle type

  2. Resonance type

  3. Absorber type

  • Multiple Baffle Silencers

In a multiple baffle silencer, the exhaust gas escapes through holes that are punched in the walls of the silencer tube. This results in muffling the sound via pulse reflection. These are fairly restrictive. The purpose of these baffles is to close the direct passage of the exhaust gases, thus the gases travel a longer path in the muffler.

  • Resonance type

It consists of a number of Helmholtz resonators in series through which a pipe having access port passes. Helmholtz is the name of a person who originated the idea of this type of muffler. The exhaust gases flow through this pipe. The resonators eliminate the fundamental and higher harmonics of the engine noise.

  • Absorber type

It consists of a perforated tube, around which a sound absorbing material, like fiber glass or steel wool, is placed. The exhaust gases pass through the perforated tube. The sound absorbing material reduces the high pressure fluctuation of the exhaust gases thus reducing the noise intensity.

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