Why Ratify the WIPO Treaty?
1 Answer

The text of the treaty is given in Readme-5. The treaty could be ratified because of the following:

  • Brings copyright into the digital age. Copyright forms the foundation of the Internet, electronic commerce, and the global information infrastructure. Strong copyright protection spurs development of the building blocks of the Internet and its content, such as software (the Internet's engine), information and entertainment on the Internet, and computers. Without strong copyright protection, this new medium will remain a digital curiosity.

  • Establishes a "win-win" situation for both creators and users. Strong intellectual property protection will provide necessary incentives to continue to build and improve the information infrastructure. At the same time, consumers will see more services and a wider array of technology available.

  • Promotes creativity and jobs. Unauthorised distribution and use of works over the Internet is a pressing and growing problem. On the Internet, perfect copies of works can be posted and disseminated to millions of users instantly. Piracy threatens creative works world wide, including Indian works, and thus the growth of the Internet, electronic commerce, and the digital economy. These treaties offer the means to f‌ight piracy.

  • Protects world wide authors. Internet piracy is international piracy. Given the trans-national nature of the World Wide Web, pirate products can be sent from one country to another in seconds. Without a common international regime for protecting copyrighted works, pirate enclaves may develop around the world. This new global technology necessitates global solutions.

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