The Contract Aspect
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Legal experts the world over appear to be more concerned about the Security, Intellectual Property and Criminal Aspects of Cyber Law. These are no doubt much important from a commercial angle, since the billions of dollars are being lost due to absence of proper legal mechanisms to govern these concepts. Not much debates and deliberations have taken place in the Contract aspect. In many cases, when security measures through encryption etc. are adopted, the basic requirements of authenticity, witnessing, signatures, non repudiation, origination, acknowledgement etc are taken care of. Thus, two of the three main concepts pertaining to E-Contracts namely, the concepts of (l) Originator and Addressee and (2) Acknowledgement of Receipt of Record/Data/ Information, are automatically attended to, while implementing a legal framework for encryption/digital signatures. The concept of 'Time and Place of Despatch and Receipt' is probably the only area which has been relegated to the background.

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