Describe with neat sketch working of gear select or mechanism mounted on the top of the gearbox.
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Gear Selector Mechanism Mounted on the Top of Gear Box-

A typical mechanism for a 4-forward speeds and reverse gear box where the gear lever is ball mounted in the gear box cover.This facilitates its movement in any direction. The lower end of the gear lever fits into a slot in the selector sleeve. There are forks on the sleeve on three separate selector rods which are supported in the gear box casing.Each selector sleeve can slide on its rod,but just to avoid unwanted engagement of the gears,slots are made on the selector rods and the sleeves are provided with spring–loaded balls.These balls resist the movement of the forks until some force is applied to gear lever to overcome their resistance.In some cases the forks are fixed on the selector rods by means of pins and the assembly can slide.

Grooves are provided on the gear bosses where the selector forks can fit in. Transverse motion of the gear lever selects the forks which are to be engaged and the longitudinal movements then slides the fork and its gear to engage the selected gear.

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