Compare Hotchkiss drive and Torque tube Drive
1 Answer
S.N. Hotchkiss Drive Torque Tube Drive
1 Open type propeller shaft is used Propeller shaft is housed in a tube called torque tube
2 Two universal joints is used one at front & second at rear end of the propeller shaft. Only one universal joint is used at the front end of the propeller shaft
3 Slip joint is used to accommodate change in length NO slip joint is used
4 Torque reaction, driving thrust, side thrust, weight of the body and braking torque all are taken by leaf spring Weight of the body and side thrust are taken by leaf spring.Torque reaction, driving thrust,braking torque are taken by the torque tube.
5 Leaf spring is shackled at the rear and bracketed at front end Both end of the leaf spring are shackled.
6 The centre axis of propeller shaft and bevel pinion shaft is not coinciding when axle moves up and down. Axis of propeller shaft and bevel pinion shaft coincide always.
7 It is used in heavy vehicles like bus,truck. It is used in light vehicles like car
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