State the function of Slip joint & universal Joint
1 Answer

1)Slip joint Functions:

When the rear wheel comes across a bump, the spring compresses or expands as the differential with the rear axle housing and the wheel moves up and down. This not only changes the angle but also varies the length of propeller shaft. So the slip joint permits the effective length of propeller shaft depending upon the road conditions. If there is no slip joint, the propeller shaft will buckle or brake

2) Universal Joint Function:

In front engine rear wheel drive vehicles, the transmission rigidly fixed to the frame or body is normally at higher level than wheels. The rear axle is suspended to the frame through springs. The driveshaft hence requires some flexibility at the bend near the transmission and at the axle. So the universal joints are used at front and rear end of propeller shaft which transmit the power to the wheels even if the heights of transmission and rear axle are different. Also whenever the axle moves up and down due to road irregularities, the angle of drive changes continuously and universal joint allows transmission of power and rotary motion at a varied angle.

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