Compare Hotch kiss drive with torque tube drive & justify their use in relevant transmission systems
1 Answer
Sr No. Hotchkiss Drive Torque Tube Drive
1 Open type Propeller shaft is used Propeller shaft is enclosed inside tube called torque tube.
2 Two universal joints are used one at front end & other is at rear end of Propeller shaft Only one universal joint is used at front end of Propeller shaft.
3 Slip joint is used to accommodate change in length of Propeller shaft. No slip joint is used.
4 Torque reaction, driving thrust ,side thrust, weight of body & braking torque are taken by leaf spring Weight of body & side thrust are taken by leaf spring. Torque reaction, driving thrust & braking torque are taken by torque tube.
5 Bracket is providing at front end of leaf spring. Shackle is provided at both end of leaf spring.
6 Centre axis of Propeller shaft & bevel pinion shaft is not coinciding when axle moves up & down. Axis of Propellershaft & bevel pinion shaft coincides always.
7 Application:-Heavy Vehicles truck, Jeep & buses Application:-In light motor vehicle, SUV, cars, Military vehicles
8 Propellershaft can be easily remove Whole assembly of torque tube member should be remove for removing propeller shaft.
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