Distinguish among radial ply, cross ply & belted bias types tyres
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Sr No. Radial ply tyre Cross ply tyre Belted bias tyre
1 Plies are running radially straight from bead to bead Piles are running diagonally opposite from bead to bead. The basic construction is like the bias-ply but for strengthening belt plies are added in the tread area the cord in belt run at an angle of 20$^\circ$ to 35$^\circ$ to the centre line of tire tread
2 Stiffness of tyre is less, so it gives ultimate comfort at high speed. Stiffness of tyre is more, so less comfortable. Stiffness of tyre is moderate
3 Steering is harder. Steering is easy. Steering is moderate
4 Tyre has firm grip with road. Tyre has lesser grip with road. holds the tyre flatter thus provides good grip and safety
5 Radial ply tyre has more tread life. Cross ply tyre has less tread life. Belted bias tyre has more life than radial & cross ply tyres
6 More braking grip. Less braking grip. More braking grip
7 Costlier than cross ply tyre Cheaper than radial ply tyre. Costlier than radial ply & cross ply tyre
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