Explain application of DSP processor to radar signal processor.
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Signal processing in synthetic aperture radar (SAR)

Digital processing has also permitted increased capability for extracting target information form the radar signal. High resolution SAR provides an image of a scene. RADARS are used to recognize on type of target from another, with the aid of digital processing, inverse SAR (ISAR) produces an image of a target good enough to recognize from other class of targets by extracting the spectrum of an target echo two antennas spaced vertically with a common SAR system, can provide height information to obtain 3D image of a scene greater flexibility and real time operation suggests digital signal processing in SAR.

SAR exploits the probability density of the duster to detect man made features by modelling the clutter by a family of density and picking the density that best describes the clutter on a local basis. Fourier based methods are used for detection of stationery and moving target detection and identification in reconnaissances SAR. The computational time of the time domain correlator [TDS] is over comed in the frequency domain Here Digital spot lighting principle is used to extract the targets coherence SAR signature.

Step 1: Coherent matched filtered SAR reconstruction of the scene in the presence of foliage is developed by exploiting the angle and frequency from the targets coherent SAR frequency.

Step 2: With the help of Fourier based method the three dimensional statistic representing the moving target co ordinate and speed is used for moving target detection.

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