Justify the remedial measures for following defects (i) Formation of pot holes in case of WBM roads. (ii) Formation of ruts in case of earthen roads. (iii) Bitumen bleeding in case of bituminous roads
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The cross section of hill road is shown below:

(i) Formation of pot holes in case of WBM roads : The pot holes should be patched up by.

(1) Cutting the defective area to rectangular shape and removing the loose stones up to the affected depth.

(2) Filling up the prepared area with coarse aggregate of the same size.

(3) Watering and compaction by rammer or road roller.

(4) Application of wet soil binder to fill up the interstices and compaction.

(ii) Formation of ruts in case of earthen roads : The remedial measure is quite simple.

(1) Cleaning the affected area and light watering.

(2) Filling the rut using selected earth.

(3) Watering and compaction by rolling.

(4) Checking of camber for efficient drainage.

(iii) Bitumen bleeding in case of the bituminous roads : If the surfacing consists of excessive bitumen, the surface become slippery during rainy season and bleed during hot weather. Bleeding normally occurs just after the construction of the road. For bleeding the Surface treatment is remedy. Bleeding can easily be corrected by spreading a layer of dry coarse sand in a thickness varying 5 mm to 10 mm and rolling the surface.

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