Explain the significance of batching, compaction and curing of concrete.
1 Answer

Significance of Batching:

  1. If the batching of materials required for concrete is not done appropriately, then random quantity of materials produce non-homogeneous concrete, which further leads to various difficulties in handling the concrete operations in terms of bad workability and poor strength.

  2. There are more chances of wastage of concrete to producegood quality of concrete.

  3. Un-batched materials results in various defects in concrete in later stages

Significance of Compaction:

  1. If compaction is not done then the concrete mass shows voids in it, resulting porous concrete.

  2. Insufficient compaction results in honeycombing of concrete, hence it is important to get dense concrete

  3. Compaction is significant to achieve desired strength and to ensure enhanced durability of concrete structure.

Significance of Curing:

  1. Curing plays vital role in completing the hydration of cement hence to achieve characteristic strength of concrete.

  2. Curing is essential to gain early and ultimate strength of concrete.

  3. Curing is necessary to make the concrete impermeable in nature its hardened state.

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