(i) Suggest the relevant method of water-proofing used for following construction

1) Basement of buildings.

2) Swimming pool.

3) Water tank.

(ii) Suggest the relevant method of transportation of concrete used for construction in following situation.

1) Concreting in hilly areas.

2) Concreting of high-rise building.

3) Concreting under water.

1 Answer

Method of water-proofing for:

1) Basement of buildings: Waterproofing by using waterproof sealants.

2) Swimming pool: Waterproofing by spraying or grouting in cracks.

3) Water tank: Waterproofing by water proof coat.

Method of transportation of concrete for:

1) Concreting in hilly areas: Ropeway and helicopter.

2) Concreting of high-rise building: Skip and hoist arrangement, concrete pump, slip form technique.

3) Concreting under water: Tremie pipe, grout pipe.

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