Suggest one type of materials for water proofing for the following situations

i. Rising dampness in building

ii. Leakages in dam

iii. Concrete continuously in wet or damp condition

iv. Leakages in lavatory ,bathroom and kitchen floor

v. Cracks on plastered surface

vi. Cracks on roof surface

1 Answer

i. Flexible materials like butyl rubber, hot bitumen (asphalt), plastic sheets, bituminous felts, sheets of lead.

ii. Liquid applied cementitious membranes

iii. Liquid applied cementitious membranes

iv. Liquid applied cementitious membranes, liquid applied latex membranes, brick bat coba, liquid applied bituminous membrane.

v. Liquid applied cementitious membranes.

vi. Brick bat coba, liquid applied bituminous membrane.

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