Five connectors used in optical fiber communications.
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The connectors used in optical fiber communications are as follows:

  1. SMA (subminiature type-A) connectors

    • They are multimode connectors and available with stainless alloy or stainless steel ferrules
  2. FC connectors

    • FC connectors are especially designed for telecommunication applications. It is designed with threaded coupling for durable connections.

    • They are available with zirconia or stainless alloy ferrules.

  3. SC connectors

    • It is a zirconia ferrule.

    • Available in simplex and duplex styles, this connector features a push pull connection design for quick patching of cables into rack or wall mounts.

  4. ST connectors

    • Available in single mode multi mode the ST connectors features reliable and durable field installation.
  5. LC connectors

    • The LC connector licensed by Lucent Technologies provides a pull-proof design and small size perfect for high density applications.

    • Available in simplex or duplex version.

    • It is provided with zirconia ferrule.

  6. MTP connectors

    • This connector provides quick and reliable connection for up to 12 fibers.

    • Available in single mode with typical loss of 0.25 dB and multi mode with a loss of 0.20 dB.

  7. MU connectors

    • It is designed for high density connections.

    • This small single fiber connection has high levels of performance than the SC connectors.

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