Design single stage R-C coupled CE audio frequency amplifier employing BC147B BJT to satisfy the following requirements. IAvI?100, SICO ?10, Load resistor RL=10k? and output voltage Vo=3volts.
1 Answer
  • We know the gain of a BJT transistor given y the formula


  • Hence the Output Voltage is the product of Gain and Input Voltage


  • Wr know the Stability factor for a BJT transistor is given as



  • From data sheet of BJT147B transistor we have Gain value of 150 to 460

we can take gain value as 150 here





Let $V_{cc}=10V;V_{CE}=4V;I_C=10mA$

  • The Collector current is product of Current gain and Base current


$I_b=\dfrac{{2\times 10^{-3}}}{{150}}=0.01mA$   

  • We know that by applying in Collector Emitter junction we have





  • By ohms law the Base voltage is given by

$V_B=I_C\times R_L=2V$

  • By voltage division we have the base voltage as





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