Draw a block diagram for generalized measurement system and explain its components.
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Block diagram of generalized measurement system:


Components of Generalized Measurement System:

A generalized measurement system consists of the following components:

  1. Primary Sensing Element
  2. Variable Conversion Element
  3. Variable Manipulation Element
  4. Data Processing Element
  5. Data Transmission System
  6. Data Presentation Element

  7. Primary Sensing Element:

The primary sensing element receives signal of the physical quantity to be measured as input. It converts the signal to a suitable form (electrical, mechanical or other form),

  1. Variable Conversion Element:

Variable conversion element converts the output of the primary sensing element to a more suitable form. It is used only if necessary.

  1. Variable Manipulation Element:

Variable manipulation element manipulates and amplifies the output of the variable conversion element. It also removes noise in the signal.

  1. Data Processing Element:

Data processing element is an important element used in many measurement systems. It processes the data signal received from the variable manipulation element and produces suitable output.

  1. Data Transmission System:

Data Transmission System is simply used for transmitting data from one element to another.

  1. Data Presentation Element:

It is used to present the measured physical quantity in a human readable form to the observer. It receives processed signal from data processing element and presents the data in a human readable form. LED displays are most commonly used as data presentation elements in many measurement systems.

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