Describe the various types of sweeps used in CRO
2 Answers

there are 4 types of sweeps in CRO

1.Recurrent Sweep

As the name, itself says that the sawtooth is respective that is a new sweep is started immodestly at the end of the previous sweep.

2.Triggered Sweep

Sometimes the waveform should be observed that it may not be predicted thus, the desired that the sweep circuit remains inoperative and the sweep should be initiated by the waveform under the examination. In these cases, we will use the triggered sweep.

3.Driven Sweep

In general, the drive sweep is used when the sweep is free-running but it is triggered by the signal under the test.

4.Non-Saw Tooth Sweep

This sweep is used to find the difference between the two voltages. By using the non-sawtooth sweep we can compare the frequency of the input voltages.


There are two modes:

1) Alternate mode:

Alternate mode draws each channel alternately - the oscilloscope completes one sweep on channel 1, then one sweep on channel 2, a second sweep on channel 1, and so on.

2) Chop mode:

Chop mode causes the oscilloscope to draw small parts of each signal by switching back and forth between them.

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