Compare zero crossing detector with schmitt trigger circuit.
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Zero Crossing Detector Schmitt trigger circuit
enter image description here enter image description here
It has only one reference voltage i.e zero volts. It has two reference voltage,UTP and LTP.
The input voltage is applied to inverting terminal and fixed voltage i.e zero volts to non-inverting terminal and vice versa. The time varying input voltage is applied to the inverting input and the feedback voltage to the non-inverting input.
It is open,loop system. It is closed loop system.
It does not exhibits hysteresis. Schmitt trigger has hysteresis characteristics.
It is used as level detector, phase detector. It is used as a wave shaping circuit, level detector and pulse-height discriminator. Its main use is to convert any kind of wave intosquare wave.
In this transition occur at only one level. In this transition occur at two level.
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