Compare different types of ADCs.
1 Answer
Parameters Dual Slope ADC Flash ADC SAR ADC Sigma-delta
Resolution High Low Medium High
Cost Medium High Low Low
Accuracy High Low Medium Low
Speed Slow Very Fast Medium-Fast Slow
Resolution (Bits) 12-18 4-12 8-16 12-24
Disadvantages Slow Conversion rate. High precision external components required to achieve accuracy. High power Consumption, large size Speed Limited to 5Msps Slow due to oversampling
Conversion Time Conversion time doubles with every bit increase in resolution. Conversion Time does not change with increased resolution. Increases linearly with increased resolution. Trade-off between data output rate and noise free resolution.
Encoding Method Analog Integration Thermometer Code Encoding Successive Approximation Over-Sampling Modulator, Digital Decimation Filter
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