Compare. IPv4 and IPv6
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Difference between IPv4 and IPv6 

S.No. IPv4 IPv6
1 IPv4 addresses are 32 bit length. IPv6 addresses are 128 bit length.
2 IPv4 addresses are binary numbers represented in decimals. IPv6 addresses are binary numbers represented in hexadecimals.
3 IPSec support is only optional. Inbuilt IPSec support.
4 Checksum field is available in IPv4 header No checksum field in IPv6 header.
5 Options fields are available in IPv4 header. No option fields, but IPv6 Extension headers are available.
6 IPv4 address uses a subnet mask. IPv6 uses a prefix length.
7 IPv4 is subdivided into classes (A to E) IPv6 is classless.
IPv6 uses a prefix and an Identifier ID known as IPv4 network
8 IPv4 header has 20 bytes. IPv6 header is the double, it has 40 bytes.
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