List the advantages of frame relay.
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Advantages of frame relay:

  • Frame relay is an attractive option to replace X.25 networks and dedicated links.
  • Hence it is more suitable for connecting LANs to bridges and routers.
  • Frame relay is often a desirable option for transmitting data because the data is not lost in this way.
  • The detection of erroneous frames is possible by the error handling capability of frame relay.
  • The error handling and identification initially, the time taking error detection process is slowed down.
  • Frame relay removes the need for separate multiple dedicated circuits.
  • The data is sent over the network using frame relay in a very efficient manner.
  • Frame relay operates in a variable bandwidths ranging from 56 Kbps and 45Mbps. Therefore a user can exploit any of the bandwidth for commercial or domestic use.
  • The frame relay technology can be used on any network whether wired or wireless.
  • It can be installed on your existing twisted pair cable network. Or it can be implanted to the optical fiber. Moreover it can be used with the wireless technologies such as microwave and infrared technologies.
  • Frame relay provides a user with voice, data and video signals at a fast and reliable speed. Hence it can also provide a user with a facility of video conferencing. This protocol is mostly used for dedicated LAN to LAN network and it also helps in connecting to the internet.
  • It is a feasible and inexpensive solution for businesses which require flexible connectivity and fast connectivity.
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