Black box and white box testing .

In black box and white box testing, a set of inputs is given to the embedded system under testing and the outputs are observed. Black box testing:

For a black box testing the input set is not known to the system. The outputs it generates are totally random and unpredictable. Thus, this tests the real behaviour of the system in case of abrupt inputs. The generation of the input set for testing has to be done in such a manner that the system is tested for all conditions.

White box testing:

The white box testing generates a set of outputs which are predictable. The white box is also called as the clear box, glass box or transparent box testing. It is used to mainly check the behaviour of the system for expected set of inputs to the system. In this case the testing is done at the source code level, based on the possible input cases. It includes various tests for the code like control flow testing, data flow testing, branch testing, path testing, statement coverage and decision coverage. It is used to create an error free environment with all the possible tests.

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