Discuss design metric issues faced while designing an embedded system with the help of an example.
1 Answer

The design metrics includes the following aspects of Embedded System:

  1. Unit cost: the cost for each unit excluding development cost.

  2. Non Recurring Expenditure (NRE) cost: cost for design and development.

  3. Size: The physical space reqd. – determined by bytes of software, number of gates and transistors in hardware

  4. Performance: execution time or throughput of the system

  5. Power: lifetime of battery, cooling provisions

  6. Flexibility: Ability to change functionality without heavy NRE cost

  7. Time to market = Time to prototype + Time to refine + Time to produce in bulk

  8. Correctness: Test and Validation

  9. Safety is also an important aspect for design.

Often these metrics are contradictory, hence calls for optimization. Processor choice, partitioning decisions, compilation knowledge and expertise in hardware and software both are required.

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