Explain HSCSD network.
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  • HSCSD stands for High Speed Circuit Switched Data. It is a technology that is used to convey on the data transmission and furnish the internet facility to the people of the present generation on the mobile phone is the High Speed Circuit Switched Data.
  • It is a technology which is enhancement of all types of GSM networks and furnishes the facility of data transmission and the internet for the mobile users or the portable device users at a very great speed of 28.8 kbps is referred to as the high speed circuit switched data.
  • It furnishes only 9.6 kbps of the rate of data transmission. It has many characteristic features that analyze this technology from the other technologies.

Some of the important features of HSCSD are shown below:

  • High speed circuit switched data technology has a rate four times faster than the old and the common GSM networks.
  • HSCSD empower users to convey on all types of the non-voice applications at a very faster speed of 38.8 kbps.
  • The main feature of the HSCSD is that this technology has power to work with multiple slots that empower the users to do the maximum data transmission.
  • Due to its faster rate, this technology is now working in more than 20 countries of the World and almost more them 85 million users are aided through this technology as we know that the initial rate that this technology furnishes the users for the behalf of data transmission is 38.8 kbps or sometimes furnishes the speed of 40 to 57.4 kbps in specific areas.

Disadvantages of High Speed Circuit Switched Data are shown below:

  • As we know, HSCSD is a faster technology of data transmission among all the latest technologies but it is quite costly and hard to manage and it also has some security disadvantages that take the noble of the technology down
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