Work out the quantities from given plan and section.
  • a) Excavation in ordinary soil.

  • b) UCR masonry in foundation in CM (1:4)

  • c) RCC quantities for slab, band lintel (150mm thk) and chajja in M25 grod of concrete

  • d) External plastering in CM 1:3, 15 mm thick


Please check the answer of 2nd footing. I think it is 36.4 cu. m.


Step 1:

enter image description here

Total length = 3x 4.4 + 2 x 3.8 + 2 x 4.2 + 2 x 2.6 + 3

= 37.4m

No. of T junctions:- (N ) = 4

Step 2:-

enter image description here

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