What is an Algorithm? Write an algorithm to find largest of 3 numbers.
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  • An algorithm is a finite set of statements, each of which has a clear meaning and can be executed in a finite amount of time and with a finite amount of effort. Thus whatever is the size of input data, the algorithm can solve the given problem in finite amount of time.

  • An algorithm is and English language representation of the sequence of steps to be executed to perform a given task. An algorithm can be defined in simple terms as description of the steps necessary to solve a problem. The algorithm should define the procedure to perform the given task. Such algorithms written in simple English language is called as step - form algorithm.

Properties of an algorithm:-

  • Non- Ambiguity
  • Range of input
  • Multiplicity
  • Speed
  • Finiteness

Write an algorithm to find largest of 3 numbers.

Step 1:- Declare the required variables.
Step 2:- Indicate the user to enter three numbers by displaying suitable sentence using printf() function.
Step 3:- Wait using the scanf() function for the user to enter the input.
Step 4:- Using the proper syntax of the conditional or ternary operator, find the largest of the three numbers and store in another variable.
Step 5:- Display the greatest number using printf() statement.
Step 6:- Wait for the user to press a key using getch() function.
Step 7:- Stop.

Improve the algorithm of finding the max of 3 part

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