Design a MOD 11 synchronous counter using T flip flop.

Mumbai University > ELECTRO > Sem 3 > Digital Circuits and Designs

Marks: 10M

Year: May 2015

1 Answer
  • A synchronous counter is one which has the same clock input for all its flip flops. A MOD 11 synchronous counter counts from 0000 to 1010. Hence it will require four T flip flops. Synchronous counters are designed by using excitation table to determine the combinational logic of inputs to each flip flop. The excitation table for all the four T flip flops is shown:

enter image description here

  • From the above excitation table, we can draw K-maps to determine input to every flip flop

enter image description here

  • Four equations for four T flip flops are obtained. Using them, the MOD 11 synchronous counter is designed as follows:

enter image description here

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