What is Hping ? Explain uses of hping.
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  • Hping is a free packet generator and analyzer for the TCP/IP protocol. It is one of the de facto tools for security auditing and testing of firewalls and networks.

  • It was used to exploit the idle scan scanning technique and now implemented in the NMAP security scanner.

  • The new version of hping, hping3, is scriptable using the tcl language and implements an engine for string based, human readable description of TCP/IP packets, so that the programmer can write scripts related to low level TCP/IP packet manipulation and analysis in very short time.

  • Hping is useful to both system administrator and hackers.

  • Hping also has a listen mode, enabling it to be used as an unsophisticated backdoor for covert remote access or file transfers.

  • Hping’s “listen” mode can be used for receiving data.

  • When hping is in listen mode, it monitors traffic for a special “signature” that indicates it should capture the data to follow.

  • Some uses of hping are as follows:

    • Determining a Host’s Status When Ping Doesn’t Work

    • Testing Firewall Rules

    • Stealth Port Scanning

    • Remote OS Fingerprinting

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