What is Software Firewalls and Hardware Firewalls?
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Software firewalls

  • Software firewalls include any type of firewall that is installed on a local device rather than a separate piece of hardware.

  • The big benefit of a software firewall is that it's highly useful for creating defense in depth by isolating individual network endpoints from one another.

  • However, maintaining individual software firewalls on different devices can be difficult and time-consuming.

  • Furthermore, not every device on a network may be compatible with a single software firewall, which may mean having to use several different software firewalls to cover every asset.

Hardware Firewalls

  • Hardware firewalls use a physical appliance that acts in a manner similar to a traffic router to intercept data packets and traffic requests before they're connected to the network's servers.

  • Physical appliance-based firewalls like this excel at perimeter security by making sure malicious traffic from outside the network is stopped before the company's network endpoints are exposed to risk.

  • The actual capabilities of a hardware firewall may vary depending on the manufacturer some may have a more limited capacity to handle simultaneous connections than others.

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