Write application of Data Warehouse.
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Here, are most common sectors where data warehouse is used:

  1. Airline
  2. Banking
  3. Healthcare
  4. Public sector
  5. Investment and Insurance sector
  6. Retain chain 7 Telecommunication
  7. Hospitality Industry

  1. Airline : In the Airline system, it is used for operation purpose like crew assignment, analysis of route profitability, frequent flyer program promotions. etc.

  2. Banking : It is widely used in the banking sector to manage the resources available on desk effectively. Few banks also use for the market. research. performance analysis of the product and operations,

  3. Healthcare : Healthcare sector also use data warehouse to strategize and predict outcomes, generate patient's treatment reports, share data with tie-in insurance companies, medical aid services, etc.

  4. Public sector : In the public sector, data warehouse is used for intelligence gathering. It helps government agencies to maintain tind analyse the tax records, health policy records, for every individual.

  5. Investment and Insurance sector : in this sector, the warehouses are primarily used to analyse data patterns, customar trends, and to trach market movements.

  6. Retain chain : In retail chains, data warehouse is widely used for distribution and marketing. It also helps to track items, customer buying pattern, promotions and also used for determining pricing policy.

  7. Telecommunication : A data warehouse is used in this sector for product promotions, sales decisions and to make distribution decisions.

  8. Hospitality Industry: This Industry utilizes , warehouse services to design as well as estimate their advertising and promotion campaigns where they want to target clients based on their feedback and travel patterns.

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