Explain difference between Data Warehouse and Data Mart.
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Definition A Data Warehouse is a large repository of data collected from different organizations or departments within a corporation. A data mart is an only subtype of a Data Warehouse. It is designed to meet the need of a certain user group.
Usage Used for data integration and in the decision making processes. Used for concrete strategic decisions.
Aim Provides an integrated and consistent environment for all enterprise data assests. Provides an integrated environment for data about a concrete business area or department.
Design The designing process of Data Warehouse is quite difficult. The designing process of Data Mart is easy.
Focus General, Company-wide information. Specific, information related to a specific department.
Size Usually from 100GB to 1TB. Usually less than 100 GB.
Data Handling Data warehousing includes large area of the corporation which is why it takes a long time to process it. Data marts are easy to use, design and implement as it can only handle small amounts of data.
Data Storing Designed to store enterprise-wide decision data, not just marketing data. Dimensional modeling and star schema design employed for optimizing the performance of access layer.
Data Type Time variance and non-volatile design are strictly enforced. Mostly includes consolidation data structures to meet subject area’s query and reporting needs.
Data Value Read-Only from the end-users standpoint. Transaction data regardless of grain fed directly from the Data Warehouse.
Scope Data warehousing is more helpful as it can bring information from any department. Data mart contains data, of a specific department of a company. There are maybe separate data marts for sales, finance, marketing, etc. Has limited usage.
Implementation Time The implementation process of Data Warehouse can be extended from months to years. The implementation process of Data Mart is restricted to few months..
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