Differentiate between Star Schema and Snowflake Schema.
1 Answer
Parameter Star Schema Snow Flake Schema
Hierarchies Hierarchies for the dimensions are stored in
the dimensional table.
Hierarchies are divided into separate tables.
Structure It contains a fact table surrounded by
dimension tables.
One fact table surrounded by dimension table
which are in turn surrounded by dimension table
Join Inastar schema, only single join creates the
relationship between the fact table and any
dimension tables.
A snowflake schema requires many joins to fetch
the data.
DB Design Simple DB Design. Very Complex DB Design.
Normalization Denormalized Data structure and query alsorun faster. Normalized Data Structure.
Data Redundancy High level of Data redundancy Very low-level data redundancy
Dimensions Offers higher performing queries using StarJoin Query Optimization. Tables may be
connected with multiple dimensions.
The Snow Flake Schema is represented by
centralized fact table which unlikely connected
with multiple dimensions.
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