Explain DBLC in detail.
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Six Phases of Database Development Process :

  1. Planning

  2. Analysis

  3. Design

  4. Implementation

  5. Testing

  6. Maintenance

1.Planning Phase

  • This phase starts when a customer request to develop a system.

  • This phase include various activities :

    • Identify the resources needed to develop the system.
    • identify the time limit for the completion of system.
  • Problem is seen on broader basis.

2.Analysis Phase

  • Analyzes end-user needs.

  • The analysis phases used to study the current system. The data is collected about system to be developed. The collected data is analyzed and the analysis report is created.

  • This phase involve major activities :

    • Study the current system.
    • Determine the user requirement.
    • Recommended a suitable solution.

3.Design Phase

In this phase, the model of the system is prepared .the requirement is collected in analysis phase is translated into logical representation of system.

Three parts :

  • Conceptual Model.
  • Logical Model.
  • Physical Model.

4.Implementation Phase

  • Final design is implemented.

  • database management system (DBMS) is installed, the databases are created, and the data are loaded or imported.



5.Testing Phase

  • We check the tolerance of our software.
  • We check the acceptable and unacceptable values.

6. Maintenance Monitoring and Modification

  • Maintenance goes along with time.

  • Monitoring the Backup, Security of the system

  • Updating and upgrading the database (When required)

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