How many Arsenal are available in cyber tools?


  • The cyber threat spectrum is enhanced by a range of very capable cyber tools and processes.

  • The arsenal of cyber tools includes the following:

    • Trojans
    • Viruses
    • E-mail attacks
    • Distributed denial-of-service attacks
    • Data theft
    • Resource abuse
    • Data modification
    • Web assaults
    • Anonymity
    • Cyber intelligence
    • Zero-Day attacks
    • Threat trends in mobile computing
    • Threat trends in social networks
    • SQL code injection attacks
    • Botnets
    • Phishing
    • Spam
    • Search engine poisoning
    • Web crawlers
    • NFC attacks
  • The evolution of the arsenal of digital cyber threats and cyber weapons is a direct result of expanding criminal activity in which an increasing number of “hacktivist” groups are offering their cyber attack tools for purchase to anyone interested in acquiring their digital attack tools or their cyber services.

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