Explain about Information Process in Cyber Intelligence.
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Request for Information Process in Cyber Intelligence

  • Requirements in general and intelligence requirements in particular generally fall into three categories: critical information requirements (CIRs), priority information requirements (PIRs), and requests for information (RFIs).

  • Request for information or request for intelligence (RFI) is related to getting directions or guidance about intelligence cycle or process. They can be used to clarify plans, specifications, intelligent requirements, collection objectives, etc.

  • The request should summarize asked questions. In addition to the request, RFI should include requester, output expectations (e.g., a summary document, presentation), and priority or due date.

  • A successful outcome of an RFI depends on:

  • The existence of structured RFI templates and procedures. The templates and procedures should be simplified to accelerate the process.

  • Knowing the right administrative procedures for RFIs. For example, RFI may include a request approval for some deviations from initial requirements that cannot be met for some reasons. RFI may also include queries to obtain directions on how to proceed when there are conflicting input requirements.

  • Clarity of RFI queries or questions. This includes providing all supporting or required documents, reasons, etc.

  • Citing specific portions of relevant plans, requirements, documents, etc. that are the subject of the request.

  • Quoting excerpts from concrete references needed to clarify unclear portions to facilitate answering questions or queries in the RFI.

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