Explain the Collection strategies in cyber intelligence.
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Cross-Intelligence Collection Strategies

  • Cross and all intelligence strategies focus on integrating strategies from different sources whenever necessary or required. That is very typical in most collection plans.

  • Strategies should clarify how to collect, compile, and integrate information from those different sources and what to do in cases of contradictions or conflicts.

  • Collection strategies should be effective, diverse, and adaptive based on the nature of the current most hard to penetrate targets. Analysts should provide continuous feedback on the validity of collection requirements and resources.

  • The collection process should balance between competing requirements of providing valuable, real time, relevant, comprehensive, etc. requirements.

Collection Coverage Plan

  • The scope of a collection process can be easily shifted due to the large number of possible sources to collect data from. In order to optimize project resources, it is important to keep project goals focused based on collection requirements or plans.

  • The complexity and details in the collection plan may vary based on the project scope and requirements. For a simple project, a collection plan can at least specify collection resources, intelligence requirements, or any specific details or constraints related to the collection process.

  • Collection plans should a balance between near-term goals that target collection requirements or plans and strategic collection strategies that consider evolution in targets, priorities, etc.

Strategic Intelligence

  • Strategic intelligence is “Intelligence that is required for the formulation of strategy, policy, and military plans and operations at national and theater levels”.

  • From business perspectives, strategic intelligence collection should help organizations in future decision-making processes, policies, and ultimately organization success where it should help providing the correct information for the right people in the right time.

  • Part of strategic intelligence is to provide abilities to predict future events and plan for them (e.g., disrupt adversaries or hackers attacking plans).

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