Explain the intelligence production processes in cyber intelligence.
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Intelligence Production Processes

The intelligence production process includes the following major stages or activities:

  • Tasking:

    This step starts the intelligence activity. It is triggered by an event or order from decision-makers. The input to this task includes initial requirements and collection or analysis goal.

  • Researching:

    Intelligence process starts with initial researching and investigation based on early requirements. This may trigger further sub-cycles, between researching and tasking to verify requirements with intelligence requestor.

  • Processing:

    This is the main and typically most time-consuming task. This task can also be part of a cycle. Tasking-researching-processing, where collected data may trigger frequent queries or clarifications.

  • Reporting:

    Typically, standard reporting procedures exist (e.g., intelligence information report; IIR). Reporting can be responsive, one time in response to a specific request or can be periodic.

  • Dissemination:

    This is the final task to disseminate collected intelligence to requesters or specific intended audience.

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