Explain Database Administrative tools.
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What is a Database? & What is a DBMS?

  • Database are used to store and manage large amounts of data. DBMS help in retrieving data and manipulating it and then representing the data.

  • Today, almost every organization has morphed itself into a data-driven organization.

  • This has a direct impact on organization's strategic, tactical and operational business decisions

What is a Database Administration?

  • Database administration is the task of maintaining the integrity of a database.

  • Data is very important and hence it's even more important to keep it stable and secure

  • Monitoring the health of a dedicated storage place is important. As the data is an asset to the company and hence should be available all the time.

Who is a Database Administrator?

Database Administrator is responsible for handling the database and making sure that data is stable and has integrity

What is the need of a Database Administrator?

Database Administrator is an important role as it :

1 Helps in keeping the data stable

2 Makes sure data is always accessible

3 Keeps the data secure

4 Helps in plan future endeavors.


  • Knowledge of Structured Query Language.
  • Database designing
  • Understanding of distributed computing architectures.
  • Knowledge of underlying operating system e.g. Windows Server 2003, Solaris, etc.
  • Knowledge about the RDBMS itself e.g. Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, etc.
  • Ready to face challenges and solve them quickly.


  • DBA is expected to be available for 24*7.
  • Must be an expert in Database technology.
  • DBA is expected to know everything about everything. (i.e.) SQL queries, OS, Network protocols, handling advanced tools, computer hardware, etc,.
  • DBA is often blamed if any fault occurs.
  • They are forced to prove that database designed by him is not fault.


  • SQL Server Management Studio is a software application first launched with the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 that is used for configuring, managing, and administering all components within Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Adminer is a tool for managing content in MySQL databases. "Light-weight" - released in a form of a single file, approx160 KB in size. User-friendly interface .
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