Explain and contrast the differences and similarities between the DBA and DA.
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Database Administrator :

  • DBA is an Important person in the development of any information system.
  • He is responsible for design, operations, management of database.
  • He must be technically competent and good manager
  • He should have good communicating skills.
  • Managerial skills are important in planning, coordinating and carrying out different tasks.
  • Technical skills are required to understand the complex hardware and software issues.

Data Administrator :

  • The need of data administrator arises in a very large organization where many database exist.
  • Data administrator is responsible for the whole information resource.
  • He develops the requirements for database and other non technical functions.
  • He also controls the database, communicate with users, plans the development of database, train users and maintain documents.

DA and DBA

  • DA (Data Administrator) and DBA (DataBase Administrator) both are responsible for managing database for an organization.

  • But they differ from each other in their required skills and responsibilities.

DA (Data Administrator)

  • DA is the person in the organization who controls the data of the database.
  • DA determines what data to be stored in database based on requirement of the organization.
  • DA works on requirements gathering, analysis, and design phases.
  • DA does not to be a technical person, any kind of knowledge about database.
  • DA should be some senior level person in the organization.
  • In short, DA is a business focused person.

DBA (DataBase Administrator)

  • DBA is the person in the organization who controls the design and the use of the database.
  • DBA provides necessary technical support for implementing a database.
  • DBA works on such as design, development, testing, and operational phase.
  • DBA is a technical person having knowledge of database technology.
  • DBA does not need to be a business person.
  • In short, DBA is a technically focused person.
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