Explain the of organization formats of resource and asset readiness reporting.
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  • The goal of readiness reporting or assessment system is to reveal whether personnel / systems are prepared to perform their assigned missions.

  • The Defense Readiness Reporting System, describes a process beyond the standard resource accounting approach of traditional readiness reporting by providing assessments of organization’s ability to conduct assigned tasks either in the context of their core mission or assigned operations (DoD 2011).

  • One of the methods that is used to evaluate and track progress is a Language Readiness Index (LRI) that is used to measure DoD’s ability to meet prescribed language missions.

  • DoD DRRS encompasses automated, near real-time readiness reporting systems that provide current readiness status for operational forces and defense support organizations in terms of their ability to perform their METLs (DoD 2018a, b).

  • Under title 10, DoD DRRS should be able to measure personnel readiness in an objective, accurate, and timely manner. DODD7730.65 establishes a capabilities-based, adaptive, near real-time readiness reporting system.

  • Mission Essential Task Lists METL is an operational readiness construct that describes capabilities for assessment and reporting of readiness to conduct the missions prescribed.

  • A METL consists of METs (Tasks based on mission analysis) with associated conditions and standards and appropriate supporting tasks. METLs can guide the key collective tasks that training can be selected from.

  • METL can also help to assess mission readiness whether an organization can accomplish some specific tasks under some specific conditions to meet some specific standards.

  • CJCS Instruction (CJCSI) 3401.02B, force readiness reporting establishes the following P-level readiness assessment metrics: total available strength, critical personnel, and critical grade fill cyberspace workforce readiness (Usrey 2014).

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